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A home for a Goblin – a light, fun christmas project for Brandy.

Brandy’s nephew got a cool hand made present for christmas.  It matches her nieces’ Fairy house – but it’s a pretty good bet this house is going to host lego men and army men as much as goblins or other magical creatures of the woods. You could call it mixed media.  It has wood and

Discovering story mapping for apps

Yesterday we posted about using story maps to visually write a story. There was a bit of magic tricking in that post… we pretended it was a formal method, but we’ve never heard it described. It simply came to us through practical working. There was no effort to find it done by others. But man,

Story mapping: a powerful method to build great stories

Here’s a peek into our creativity. We’re using a special tool for story development, that you may not learn from verbally inclined teachers or pros. It’s a hand-drawn map-making exercise.  This is especially powerful for writers who work in animation and fantasy (and need to get beyond the mundane), think visually, or need inspiration to

Goblins are multiplying in Brandy’s studio…

Magnets and business cards!

It’s a mega-busy week! We’re doing last-minute prep to run a dealer table at the GaymerX convention this weekend. We’ll have demo of our app work, Brandy’s creature sculptures on display, and Pat’s animation related books for sale. We have a rush job to print T-shirts. And the magnets and business cards are ordered. It

Help us with your opinion! Which one makes a good shirt?

We’re playing with Brandy’s art- do you have any opinion about these 2 ideas?

Goblinarium at the 2013 Dickens Fair: designing a booth

A booth at the Dickens Fair is more than goods on tables. You design and build a Victorian merchant’s store, with period-specific details, down to costume. You can’t break the magic by going out of character or offering goods that wouldn’t fit the period. According to their exhibitor’s guide: The concept of this much-loved event

Goblinarium at the 2013 Dickens Fair: proposing a booth

HOT BUTTERED RUM! The chilly season is always a good time for it, but what’s the best possible place? At The Dickens Fair, of course. In this hot July, we’ve been gearing up for months of prep to participate. The Dickens Fair is the San Francisco Bay’s answer to the question: where do you take