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Making a mural at MLK Library in East Oakland.

Brandy and the kids at the library worked together for over a year.  They came once a week for free lunch and Brandy’s art programming.  East Oakland brings many Latino families.  For bilingual kids, art has power to make communication stronger than just words. On the last day of the art program (until they get

Coming soon: After School Animation program with Goblinarium!

On 7/31, Brandy completed teaching Animation Camp at MOCHA, the Museum of Children’s Arts.  She thanks MOCHA Parents: “We had such a great time working with your brilliant young animators, learning all about the animation process.”  (See kid’s animation below.) It paved the way for an exciting NEW pilot program.  Goblinarium is leading the way

Goblins and Dragons invade Google!

Our art show went up!  It has four display cases full of Brandy’s sculpture, with paper pop-up style environments, ink drawings, and 3D objects.  It is super generous of Google to host us. Next is the app launch, and then… psst, top secret… a crowd fund to make a new app!

Google show news, Joel’s music, and more.

“It makes me want to dance!”  That’s what Brandy said.  One listen to Joel St. Julien’s demo music made the decision… we couldn’t imagine publishing without him. Our ad for a composer got tremendous response. Tons of talented musicians applied.  We narrowed them down to a dozen with the best skills.  6 were contacted, and

Brandy’s art: making raku ceramics

Goblinarium’s creatures are made at Brandy’s ceramic studio. Recently, one of her art pieces sold on Etsy. (We’re happy for attention like that! Check out the Store.)  The buyer asked about what she does: Hi Brandy, I just bought your piece today. I’m so excited! I have a question about it. I watched a video about

How do Oakland’s kids turn into philosophers? Blame dragons.

by Brandy Gardner Please help bring the power of art to the kids of Oakland! I want to tell you about the Museum of Children’s Art, and something they’re planning for September 16. But first…

Goblinarium gets appreciation at GaymerX, and jury approval for Convolution

Positive inclusion, media buzz, and unprecedented crowds helped GaymerX succeed as the first gaming convention focused on LGBT themes. On August 3-4, all allies were invited to an “arms-open party for anyone who wants to join“. It drew attendance of over 2,000 to San Francisco’s Japantown, and founder Matt Conn told us it was “just

Goblinarium at the 2013 Dickens Fair: Our application

Here’s more of our Dickens Fair application to show what went into it:

Goblinarium at the 2013 Dickens Fair: What we learned

Our experience in applying was super helpful to our business thinking. What did we learn? We didn’t get in. The Dickens Fair’s rejection letter told us that the spaces are very competitive. They favor long-time exhibitors that bring their character back. Our offerings were covered by others that already sold similar items, but were longer

Goblinarium at the 2013 Dickens Fair: Researching period details

How do you research period details and style? When I think “Victorian”, around here, the first thing I think of is the iconic Painted Ladies houses of San Francisco- or our very own Victorian house we rent for a business office: This PDF guide from Sherwin Williams gives clues about how to paint and create