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Kid’s art is heating up with MOCHA summer camp and O.Y.A. workshops.

What’s hot this summer? Goblinarium has the scoop!  Brandy serves it up with sprinkles on top: Oakland’s Museum of Children’s Art has summer camp activities from June 15 – August 21, 2015. They include three awesome camps with Brandy: Art Mechanics: When science and art meet. Animate, Illustrate, Create: The basic fundamentals of cartooning, illustration

Liam from Hawaii loves his Goblin house!

Once in a while, we get the joy of sending a magical experience to a kid far away.  Here’s Liam’s Goblin House – “A kit to make a magical house for your favorite fairy, dragon or goblin:” Hi – thought you’d enjoy these photos of my 7 year old grandson and his delight with the

Meet Goblinarium’s cast of curious creatures

Charles is a very young Agon who lives with his mother. He’s adventurous, bright and inquisitive – to a fault! The world of Goblinarium has many curious creatures – Agons, Blins, and Outhers.  One by one, meet them in our interactive stories: Charles Clawson Scalenthorne III – the Problem Solver Imogene Clawson Scalenthorne – the wise

How do Oakland’s kids turn into philosophers? Blame dragons.

by Brandy Gardner Please help bring the power of art to the kids of Oakland! I want to tell you about the Museum of Children’s Art, and something they’re planning for September 16. But first…

Sassy Goblin, take me home!

Sassy goblin looking to be adopted! His name is Mortimer Heablin, or Mortiheab for short. Check him out on Etsy. Goblinarium just started an Etsy account today. We’re excited to start putting out hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind sculptures and limited editions of goblins and dragons. Mortimer is just the beginning (check prices again when we have more

Fun with Anagrams

While spending a few minutes checking into possible titles for a blog… The Internet Anagram Server gives silly results from rearranging the letters of Goblinarium.

Henry Selick’s opinions about animated movies

Director Henry Selick‘s opinions of the animation business are getting a spirited discussion on Cartoon Brew. (We posted about them a few days ago, when we asked: “Does interactive media have a place for stop-motion style art?“) Here’s a full video of the presentation Selick was on.

Does interactive media have a place for stop-motion style art?

The Animation Anomaly has an article about stop-motion animation director Henry Selick, and his panel this week at SIGGRAPH. The annual conference brings the world’s top professionals together to highlight computer graphics and interactive techniques. Goblinarium’s team member, Victor Leung, is there right now. He’s an officer for their San Francisco chapter. (Don’t worry Victor…

Basically, it’s for the love of it

Pat made a new blog post about a Zoetrope project with Brandy, working on the Goblinarium app, and stuff we want you to check out!

On August 3-4, we’ll be at GaymerX in San Francisco

Pat’s favorite board game is The Settlers of Catan. Brandy has fun playing the Guillotine card game. We spend more time making art than playing video games, but we have lots of friends who love them! Some of those friends are putting on a convention. (And secretly, Pat helped them with a loan.) Pat is