Lights… Camera… Claymation! MOCHA Summer Art Camp 2016

Brandy Gardner directed the kids to make 20 pieces of magic, in 5 workshop sessions at the Museum of Children’s Arts in Oakland in July 2016.

When you watch these, you should know that an awful lot of work was done behind the scene to polish them.  Imagine seeing these with no pauses in the playback – the timing was carefully added by Brandy’s magic helper elves after the kids went home.  But of course, all of that is supposed to be invisible. The kids’ art is the magic part!

The movies:

  • Mia & Maya by Julie
  • Lightning Battles by Maxim
  • The Weird Family Adventure by Quinn
  • The Mutant Fish by Mia
  • Brrrains by Cody
  • The Travel to South Yornland by Miriam
  • Girl and Bunny by Isabella
  • The Bloble
  • Ava’s Ice Cream
  • The Vampire Quest by Aubrey
  • The Relationship of a Bunny & Banana by Alex
  • Little Bun Buns Little Travel by Sophia
  • The Fish Eating Shark by Kaleb
  • Mr. Tree by Matea
  • The Good At-At by Aiden
  • The Pigeon by Mia
  • The Villain Kids by Clarissa
  • The Bunny Adventures by Paige
  • Bob by Kofi
  • Kanegi’s Adventures by Paige

Music: Joel St. Julien –
Made with Stop Motion app on iPad