Meet Charles Clawson Scalenthorne III – the Problem Solver

The world of Goblinarium has many curious creatures – Agons, Blins, and Outhers.  One by one, meet them in our interactive stories:

Charles is a very young Agon who lives with his mother. He’s adventurous, bright and inquisitive – to a fault!

Occasionally, his curiosity brings questions, challenges, and dilemmas he can’t solve on his own, until he seeks cooperation and learns new skills. It helps him earn inspirations he never guessed a kid could have.

His best friends are mice who inhabit his home and neighborhood, and pop up in the most unexpected places. So do Blins, and Charles has a knack for communicating with them. They’re always somewhere nearby. But when he needs to seek wisdom beyond his comfort zone, he’s challenged to explore parts of Agonia he’s never seen, meet new friends, and give to his community… and sometimes, endure defeat until finding unexpected inspiration at home, with a little help from his mom.

“Grounder” Agon
Lives in West Agonia, on the outskirts of Agonshire
Favorite food: Fireberry Pie

Agons are community oriented dragons that grow wise over hundreds of years of life. Firebreathers are experts with fire talents, welding metal, tinkering, and sciences. Others can use fire, but not very strongly. Grounders are thinkers and problem solvers, growers and builders. Flyers are observers, explorers, and dreamers. And some have a little of each talent.