Meet Scissile Scratchhorne Meltingflame II: the fire artist

The world of Goblinarium has many curious creatures – Agons, Blins, and Outhers. One by one, meet them in our interactive stories:

Scissile is a young adult Agon in his early 200’s. He left Agonshire for a more solitary home, somewhere in the mountains of northern Agonia. He’s said to invite few or no visitors, because peace and quiet helps him practice fire-breathing to weld ice and metal into fantastic sculptures.

There are legends and rumors about the location of his home (and if anyone knows the truth, they won’t tell.) Some say he protects a treasure… because fire-breathers feast on rocks and mineral veins, and poop gold nuggets many Blins would love to collect.

Scissile is no hermit, though. He may appear out of the hills for wild outdoor festivals with Blin musicians, and breathe fire to give them light shows.  He’s into hip musicians usually seen in underground caves – like his friend, Fortisque Bellblin.  To get past his gruff, flinty exterior and make friends, find him at a camp fire on a starry evening, before he vanishes back into the hills.

“Firebreather” Agon
Lives in North Agonia’s Spiketooth Range
Fire artist

Agons are community oriented dragons that grow wise over hundreds of years of life. Firebreathers are experts with fire talents, welding metal, tinkering, and sciences. Others can use fire, but not very strongly. Grounders are thinkers and problem solvers, growers and builders. Flyers are observers, explorers, and dreamers. And some have a little of each talent.