Meet Mortimer Heablin (Mortiheab): A prankster guide


The world of Goblinarium has many curious creatures – Agons, Blins, and Outhers. One by one, meet them in our interactive stories:

Morti is a young, mischievous Blin who loves pranks.

In his village on the island of Blinaria, visitors are often teased by his long tongue sticking out of one of it’s warren doorways… until his head pops out another to yell BOO!  You can foil his pranks with music that compels him to dance. Dancing has developed his flexible body to be completely gelatinous. It lets him squish through any space, to help locate lost items or open locked doors.

As sassy as he is, he’s considered a valuable helper and guide. His skills are in demand to the egg-gatherers of coastal Blinaria, and visitors who have never encountered their strange and secret paths, burrows, and customs.  On rare occasions when many Blins gather from across Goblinarium for wild festivals, don’t miss seeing Morti’s famed egg-bowling, with his trademark twisty head-popping egg-toss.

“Tosser” Blin
Lives in the old center warrens of Blinaria’s Egghatch Village
Three-time champion egg-bowler of Goblinarium

Blins are solitary, wild-natured goblins who nest in secret places and are hard to catch. They act silly, sassy, creepy, and sneaky. They play pranks and swipe pies, vegetables, gold nuggets, and scrolls. They have many talents, especially music, dancing, and performing. Making friends with one brings good luck.