Meet Fortisque Bellblin – a peaceful musician

The world of Goblinarium has many curious creatures – Agons, Blins, and Outhers. One by one, meet them in our interactive stories:

Fortisque’s music brings smiles to the most gruff or shy of creatures. He’s one of the most laid-back and lazy of all Blins, with few cares or worries. Everyone who meets him is captivated by his music.

Many Blins are sneaky or prankish, but he prefers to spread fun by being honest, open and inviting. He’s often found among meadows near his home a little uphill from coastal Blinaria, where he lays in the sun of the slopes that resemble his shiny, round belly.  Belly-scratching makes squeaks and pitches he practices to perform in cave parties, and at wild Blin festivals that draw music fans from across Goblinarium. They include fire shows by his friend, Scissile, who lights up the sky with colored fireballs made by eating special mineral formulas.

Fortisque’s care-free, simple manner hides cleverness that makes his advice sought after to solve problems.  Shy or secretive Blins may be found by asking his advice. He’s become responsible for passing messages among scattered villages and wild Blin homes, and bringing them out with customary musical signals. Sometimes they’re amplified by striking certain rocks of the hills, which make tones that vibrate across the land to call attention to special occasions.

Lives in the sunny foothills near coastal Blinaria
Host for the Flytensight Agons, when they explore near Blinaria

Blins are solitary, wild-natured goblins who nest in secret places and are hard to catch. They act silly, sassy, creepy, and sneaky. They play pranks and swipe pies, vegetables, gold nuggets, and scrolls. They have many talents, especially music, dancing, and performing. Making friends with one brings good luck.