Meet Flintch Humblin – a silly bird

The world of Goblinarium has many curious creatures – Agons, Blins, and Outhers. One by one, meet them in our interactive stories:

Flintch is silly and twitchy. Her hummingbird personality wants to move fast, but with tiny wings, she can only briefly levitate. So instead of changing her place, she frequently changes her mind. Her bird call often switches to sound like different creatures. When she lays an egg, she can’t decide what to grow inside, so it may hatch strange magical things.  Most of the time, she won’t keep eggs, but be picky about how round or shiny they are until they’re sent rolling away.

In the coastal hills where Humblins live in low tree houses, eggs constantly roll down well-worn paths into the sea. They float across Blin gulf to the island coast of Blinaria, where generations of Blins have collected Humblin eggs that wash in on the tide. They’re used for magic, music and more.

With her silly personality, Flintch may seem easy to fool or play pranks on, but she becomes very crafty when she has to. She has talent to mimic, distract and confuse. Be very patient when having a conversation with her, and don’t try to fool her… or you may find her laughing at you!

“Humblin” – hybrid hummingbird plus Blin
Lives in West Agonia’s low coastal hills
Favorite food: Marsh-blossom nectar pie

Mice, fish, birds and all the Outhers live everywhere in Goblinarium. They’re generally friendly and dependable, and like to help. Occasionally, some strange magic lets you meet an Outher hybrid with an Agon or a Blin. Outhblins can be very unpredictable, and may be one of a kind, with talents never seen before. Be cautious if you find yourself in a wild place with signs of strange life around you… not all Outhblins are friendly. Explorers tell tales about them that nobody can say are true, because if you find out, you won’t explore any more!