Meet Beltch Froblin – a hungry monster

The world of Goblinarium has many curious creatures – Agons, Blins, and Outhers. One by one, meet them in our interactive stories:

Beltch doesn’t do much at all except hop and slurp carrotflies out of the air.

He’s well-known in the swampy wetlands near Agon Harbor on Blin Gulf. He’s the reason homes nearby are hurricane-proofed with shutters on the windows. After Beltch enjoys a meal of juicy carrotflies, the gusts he lets loose could blow roofs off. The sounds he makes carry long distance across Agon Harbor, sounding like a fog horn on foggy days. He hardly ever has anything to say- and if he opens his mouth, brace yourself behind a strong bush.

The strong-rooted bushes of his marsh bear delicate, fluffy blossoms when the moons are full, that resemble the patterns and puff of Beltch’s back and tail. They ripen by morning into baby carrotflies. Some creatures crave marsh-blossom nectar, but they won’t go near Beltch. Beltch doesn’t care- he’s content to attract the carrotflies and let everyone else keep their distance.

“Froblin” – hybrid Frog plus Blin
Lives in West Agonia’s marshlands
Wins hopping contests by blowing away the opposition

Mice, fish, birds and all the Outhers live everywhere in Goblinarium. They’re generally friendly and dependable, and like to help. Occasionally, some strange magic lets you meet an Outher hybrid with an Agon or a Blin. Outhblins can be very unpredictable, and may be one of a kind, with talents never seen before. Be cautious if you find yourself in a wild place with signs of strange life around you… not all Outhblins are friendly. Explorers tell tales about them that nobody can say are true, because if you find out, you won’t explore any more!