Meet Goblinarium’s cast of curious creatures

Charles is a very young Agon who lives with his mother. He’s adventurous, bright and inquisitive – to a fault!

The world of Goblinarium has many curious creatures – Agons, Blins, and Outhers.  One by one, meet them in our interactive stories:

  • Charles Clawson Scalenthorne III - the Problem Solver
  • Imogene Clawson Scalenthorne - the wise grower
  • Scissile Scratchhorne Meltingflame II –  the fire artist
  • Aethylswift and Leofric Snoozrollor Flytensight - the Dream explorers
  • Beltch Froblin – a hungry monster
  • Flintch Humblin – a silly bird
  • Fortisque Bellblin – a peaceful musician
  • Perciful Armleblin – a nature spirit
  • Mortimer Heablin (Mortiheab) - A prankster guide
  • Elwina Fisblin – a mysterious mermaid
  • Snickeris Shellblin (Snickelblin) - a desert oracle
  • Mr. Featherton – a clumsy teacher 
  • Lady Beattlesmith – a noble host
  • Mr. Gillman – a big mouth fish

Over the next weeks, a character profile will post every Monday in preparation to launch our first app.  The first app will introduce some of the characters above.  Then you can get to know them better in a series of apps to follow.

This blog is holding “backstory” that develops the personalities, places, and histories of their world.  In the app stories, you can interact and play with them as they meet each other.

Our app story development is coming along well.  This is a challenging project, because our art direction is unique.  Every character is hand-made from clay, and that’s not a path taken by almost anybody else making apps.  We’re happy for every comment or share you give to support our work!