A home for a Goblin – a light, fun christmas project for Brandy.

Brandy’s nephew got a cool hand made present for christmas.  It matches her nieces’ Fairy house – but it’s a pretty good bet this house is going to host lego men and army men as much as goblins or other magical creatures of the woods.

You could call it mixed media.  It has wood and twigs, bones from a bobcat, moss, natural materials, a few doll-sized accessories, and a few creative solutions like cutting up a rolling table mat to make the removable bridge in the air.

The bridge can connect this house to the rest of Goblintown.  The roof comes off, it has a ladder up and an escape hatch with a rope, a spy tower, and lights for the deep dark night – to make playing with goblins fun 24-7.

Brandy’s nephew is a lucky kid to get such an awesome, hand-made base for creative play and stories.

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