Musician wanted for our project at Google

We recently announced:

The display will connect with a downloadable part that needs music.

Are you a musician, and do you want to be involved? 

Have you worked in games or video? Can you deliver a modest amount of music in 2 weeks?  Are you into quirky, moody animation and fantasy stories for all ages?

Mail us:

We can offer:

  • Up-front thank-you money. (Low budget.)
  • Deferred pay from crowd funding to follow. (Wage plus a percent of the total.)
  • Exposure and perks. (Dinner any time we meet.)

Documents are ready for fitting candidates:

  • Direction.
  • Confidentiality agreement.
  • Music agreement.

We know… deferred pay and “exposure” is overrated.  Professionals are valuable! We know… Google has lots of money. But we get none of it – we’re their unpaid guest.

Thank-you money (and all costs) come out of pocket from low-budget artists.  That’s investment into the project and members.  We feel that exposure at Google is more than talk.  We’re pushing towards a series of projects, with rewards to come for commitment. We’ve already put in lots of hard work.  Crowd funding will develop after display, for operating budget to reach the next stage.

Thank you for understanding.

Let’s make some cool stuff together!