Google show news, Joel’s music, and more.

“It makes me want to dance!”

 That’s what Brandy said.  One listen to Joel St. Julien’s demo music made the decision… we couldn’t imagine publishing without him.

Our ad for a composer got tremendous response. Tons of talented musicians applied.  We narrowed them down to a dozen with the best skills.  6 were contacted, and 3 were paid to submit tests.  Joel’s music left no questions- it went beyond good, to “must hear more!”

Judging music is like picking the best food.  It comes down to taste and how you feel.  It was tough to pick among other musicians with high talent.  Welcome Joel!  Meet him at his blog.


Google show date: May 4, 2015

That’s a frame of testing.  We’ll fill four display cases.  They’re tall, and Brandy’s creatures are 6-8 inches, so background art will surround them with interesting environments.  It’s mixed media with ink drawing on vellum, cut black silhouettes mounted on foam core layers, and 3D elements to further break out of two-dimensional space.

The aim is something like a graphic novel, with the color and texture and shape of the creatures adding extra dimension.  Basically, the kind of hybrid product we want to build for kids to love and learn from.

Brandy’s teaching

Here’s what it’s all about. Brandy goes to schools and libraries, and brings art to places where it was cut out of the curriculum.  Many of the students are inner city youth.  She recently led a field trip to Google, and the photos show they loved it!

10856554_10153221900153223_5181944921750977893_oSome of these kids need all the positive vibes they can get.  Six of Brandy’s students recently suffered a tragedy that left no dry eyes in the city of Oakland.  A stray bullet took the life of Chyemil Pierce – a single mom of two, and aunt of four of them.  It was just after she picked her kids up from school, at the wrong place and wrong time.  The community and school are supporting as much as they can, and there’s a memorial fund. 


We’re looking at opportunities to pair app publishing with workshops.  That would be very interactive with kids, and make it more accessible than just media.  We feel that story-based curriculum has a lot of potential, with apps as a teaching aid and something to bring the experience home.  What can you imagine learning from a Goblinarium workshop?


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