Goblins and Dragons invade Google!

Our art show went up!  It has four display cases full of Brandy’s sculpture, with paper pop-up style environments, ink drawings, and 3D objects.  It is super generous of Google to host us.

Next is the app launch, and then… psst, top secret… a crowd fund to make a new app!

goblinarium_ios7_layout-retina-groupshotHere’s some newly made post card graphics to help announce the show – and coming in May, the app launch.  It’s pending approval with the app store. We’ll throw a party for it.  Thanks for being patient… the app is on the way.  Keep checking our site. 

It’s been a very busy month!  We started planning the display in Google’s lobby with simple thumbnail concepts, and designs for how to cut, measure and build the pieces.



Ancient lore of Goblinarium helped our research!map Morti2Beltch2

We took some quick photos as we finished building. (We’ll get better ones at the app launch party.)20150504_17024620150504_17044420150504_170558

Here’s Brandy taking a break.  There was a lot of sickness happening in our crew on this day, so we had to tough it out.20150504_170738

A few wider views.  Close viewers get to see all the hidden details.  20150504_17090620150504_171051Brandy

A proud artist and an inspiration to all the kids she teaches.   Brandy3