Goblinarium app out now. Dragons on the loose – go play with them!

These dragons are too hot to handle, whether they breathe fire or just blow bubbles.

June 1, 2015, in the Apple App Store:  “Goblinarium” is the first app from our studio, Goblinarium.com.  Our creatures were on display for two months at Google in San Francisco, and now you can download them for free.

Morti is so ticklish, his head pops off!  Scissile makes ferocious flames, but sometimes they backfire.  They’re creatures of clay, ready to play.  This interactive toy mixes sculpture, photography, traditional hand drawn animation, and music together for unique multimedia fun.  It’s for kids of all ages, and lovers of handmade art.

The art makes our app special.  You won’t see many like this!  It was created with actual fire, and kiln-made sculptures that you can buy now on Etsy.  We photographed them on a 360 degree turntable for animation.  Our studio smelled like a campfire when we burnt the edges of “antique parchments” to draw on.  But you don’t need a campfire for our stories.  Our goal is to put them on your devices, to enjoy wherever you are.

Brandy Gardner, sculptor and creature artist, uses this app to teach workshops.  “You should hear kids say Ooooh when they see Scissile, and laugh when he ‘backfires!’  It’s a great tool to inspire kids to think beyond the traditional art box.  It helps them to create their own creatures, for their own worlds.”

The app is free.  To download, learn more, or contact Brandy, go to Goblinarium.com.

We’re an independent collective of artists, coders, and teachers, dedicated to innovative entertainment and education.  We thank Google for recognizing us by hosting our art show.  Our work with inner-city youth is meant to bring art back to communities where it was taken away, and let their voices be heard.  In our next app, “Charles and the Biggest Big”, a small dragon goes on a journey to answer a big question.

Above is our press release.  Please, share to anyone you know who loves art!

Brandy’s workshops are setting many new creatures loose. Aleksander shows off his.  On the app store, his app review says: “It is so Awesome… download it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

IMAG2174_1A flock of freshly fired friends:

IMG_3099Thank you, Ms. Reynold’s class:

thankyous copyMany new students will have experiences like this soon.  Goblinarium has been asked to partner with Oakland Youth Aspire.

The Goblinarium creature making workshop is on June 20th, 2015 at OYA.  Look for more workshops soon!

A free youth program open every Saturday, 12:30 to 5 PM.  OYA enriches the lives of youth by creating a fun and welcoming environment that promotes a healthy lifestyle and fosters open communication, empathy, and the development of interpersonal skills.

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