Hang out and Google Art Show Tour with the Goblin Keepers, on June 16.

Come one, come all!  Yes, even that sneaky goblin who stole Brandy’s favorite socks.   We’re having a fantasti-casual hang out, to celebrate our successes and give you a peek at more.

June 16, 4-7 PM

Google, 345 Spear Street, San Francisco

  • Meet the Goblinarium team for snacks, stories, and socializing!  Bring kids or friends.
  • At 4-5, tour the show in the lobby at Google, on the 4th floor.
  • Until 7, hang out downstairs at Palomino, an upscale “Urban Italian” restaurant.
  • Enjoy appetizers on us, and very reasonable prices for everything else. (Happy hour all day!)

What does fantasti-casual mean?  Well, we’re small, and Google is a big company that can’t allow a reception near their sensitive workplace full of trade secrets.  Especially not if we might let sneaky goblins in.  So, here’s the plan.

At 4PM, find us at their downstairs neighbor Palomino.  We’ll gather for food and company on the outdoor patio.  Meanwhile, the art show can be seen on the 4th floor, while Google’s lobby is open to the public.  That’s only until 5 PM, when they close – so arrive ON TIME!  We recommend taking a small group of 6 people upstairs, for minimal crowding, to spend 15 minutes with the show.


  • Email Goblinarium.com@gmail.com. Tell us you are coming, and how many you will bring.
  • We don’t expect a huge crowd, but your RSVP will help us inform Palomino.