Kid’s art is heating up with MOCHA summer camp and O.Y.A. workshops.

What’s hot this summer? Goblinarium has the scoop!  Brandy serves it up with sprinkles on top:

Oakland’s Museum of Children’s Art has summer camp activities from June 15 – August 21, 2015.

They include three awesome camps with Brandy:

  • Art Mechanics: When science and art meet.
  • Animate, Illustrate, Create: The basic fundamentals of cartooning, illustration and animation.
  • 3D Design: Explore sculpture.

Go to MOCHA’s website to learn about activities with Brandy and many more, and sign up now!

Goblinarium workshop at Oakland Youth Aspire moves to 6/13.  The reason is funky.

On June 20, we were supposed to bring creature-making fun for kids at DeFremery Park.  Surprise: 500 funky dancers were ALSO supposed to be at the same place to break the Guinness World Record for longest “Soul Train” dance line.  We know what you’re thinking, wouldn’t it be amazing to make art and get down at the same time?  Shake it while you make it!  But sadly, kids might not be as tough as us to keep the dance line going for hours… and we wouldn’t want any kid creations to blow up from the power of the bass.  So, the kids can dance on their own.

We’ll meet them instead on the new date of Saturday, June 13, at Oakland Youth Aspire.

brothaash_soultrainlinedanceHere’s an updated press release to be shared by MOCHA.  You’ve seen it before… now relive the experience with new, improved wording.

See exhibit at Google by MOCHA Teaching Artist, and enjoy the art with a free interactive app.

Until July 1, 2015, Google is hosting an exhibit by Brandy Gardner, a MOCHA teaching artist and creature sculptor.  See her art on display through the generosity of MOCHA and Google. It’s in their 4th floor lobby, at 345 Spear Street in San Francisco, open Monday to Friday from 9-5.

Goblinarium is Brandy’s company, which has released a free app called “Goblinarium”.  The app lets you experience the creatures from her exhibit on IOS devices.  Brandy uses it to teach students with a unique mix of fine art and tech.  Kids can experience classes with her as one of the Teaching Artists for MOCHA camp this summer.

The Goblinarium app brings dragons and goblins to life.  They’re creatures of clay, ready to play.  The interactive experience mixes sculpture, animation, and music for multimedia fun.  It’s a unique creation that used actual fire, and kiln-made sculptures. It’s for kids of all ages, and lovers of handmade art.

Brandy says: “You should hear kids say Ooooh when they see Scissile, and laugh when he ‘backfires!’  It’s a great tool to inspire kids to think beyond the traditional box.  It helps them to create their own creatures, and learn the language of art.”

To download the free app, learn more, or contact Brandy, go to

Goblinarium is a team of artists, coders, and teachers, dedicated to innovative entertainment and education.  Brandy is grateful to Google for hosting the exhibit, and to MOCHA for this amazing opportunity.