Frankenstein, goblins, and roller coasters share an important day.

The day is: June 16!

Every day of the year has an anniversary for Important Things in history.

June 16, 1816, was an important day for the British poet Lord Byron.  He gathered some friends to share ghost stories, and then they wrote their own. That’s how Mary Shelley was inspired to write Frankenstein.  It was a famous beginning to some of the first science fiction storytelling. (We love stories about bringing creatures to life with science.)

Lord Byron wasn’t just a poet – he’s also known as father to mathematician Ada Lovelace, who many say wrote the first computer program.

Bringing art and tech together is a way to tell memorable stories, and inspire others.  That’s what Goblinarium is for.

This weekend, we taught a creature making workshop for kids at Oakland Youth Aspire.  Have a look at the kids, and see how inspired they were!  Whether they grow up to be artists or techies, they had a lot of fun.

Speaking of fun… June 16, 1884, was the opening of the first roller coaster in America.

Our fun day is June 16, 2015Come eat and drink, and join a raffle for cool prizes.

kitWin a DIY Goblin House kit, with Goblinarium bag – worth $40.  This is an all inclusive kit to make a magical house for your favorite fairy, dragon or goblin. This kit includes a battery operated flicker light to add a magical glow to your house. Kit includes step by step instructions and supplies for proper goblin fairy house decorating. Everything you need and more. Roof is made to be removable for easy house access or you can glue on the roof permanently. These houses are designed to be played with or for display. Fun for all ages!

50-dollar-billWin $50 Etsy Gift certificate to spend at Goblinarium or Draku Studios.  Have fun shopping at the Goblinarium Etsy store, or Brandy Gardner’s own store, Draku Studios.morti

Win Mortimer II the Goblin – Worth $75.  Adopt Mortimer II. One of only 50 hand cast copies of the original Mortimer Goblin. Each done in ceramic with a luster cold finish. Signed and numbered. He is part of the Heablin Goblin family. He is one sassy head tossing goblin. He comes from a long line of goblins that live in a far off land within the world of Goblinarium.

Win more original artwork, lino-cut prints, T-shirts… You just have to come find out what’s in store.

Raffle tickets are $5 each, or 3 for $10 – but you don’t have to spend anything!  Join us on June 16.