Goblinarium is a world of magical creatures built from clay, with stories that fire the imagination.

We love working directly with audiences.  We lead workshops that bring art to kids in places where it has been stripped from the curriculum.  CEO/Art Director Brandy Gardner is a teaching artist with inner city youth.  Contact: Goblinarium.com@gmail.com

WebProfile-brandyGoblinarium has brought stories to life in “Kiln Fired Apps” that let you play with goblins and dragons. Make them jump, laugh and breathe fire!

“…something different from the rest of the crowd. To bend the gravity of animation around your personal planet, simultaneously doing something good for the world… Brandy’s stuff blew me away. Very creative, taking advantage of today’s world.” - Scott Caple, artist for The Incredibles, Hunchback of Notre Dame, All Dogs Go To Heaven, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan.