Lights… Camera… Claymation! MOCHA Summer Art Camp 2016

Brandy Gardner directed the kids to make 20 pieces of magic, in 5 workshop sessions at the Museum of Children’s Arts in Oakland in July 2016. When you watch these, you should know that an awful lot of work was done behind the scene to polish them.  Imagine seeing these with no pauses in the

Making a mural at MLK Library in East Oakland.

Brandy and the kids at the library worked together for over a year.  They came once a week for free lunch and Brandy’s art programming.  East Oakland brings many Latino families.  For bilingual kids, art has power to make communication stronger than just words. On the last day of the art program (until they get

Coming soon: After School Animation program with Goblinarium!

On 7/31, Brandy completed teaching Animation Camp at MOCHA, the Museum of Children’s Arts.  She thanks MOCHA Parents: “We had such a great time working with your brilliant young animators, learning all about the animation process.”  (See kid’s animation below.) It paved the way for an exciting NEW pilot program.  Goblinarium is leading the way

Meet the kids of the Oakland Youth Aspire creature making workshop.

Our workshop happened on Saturday, June 13, at Oakland Youth Aspire. OYA does nonprofit work with inner city youth, to bring them a “fun and welcoming environment that promotes a healthy lifestyle and fosters open communication, empathy, and the development of interpersonal skills.”  It happens at Oakland’s Defremery Recreation Center.  Ryan from OYA was a

Frankenstein, goblins, and roller coasters share an important day.

The day is: June 16! Every day of the year has an anniversary for Important Things in history. June 16, 1816, was an important day for the British poet Lord Byron.  He gathered some friends to share ghost stories, and then they wrote their own. That’s how Mary Shelley was inspired to write Frankenstein.  It

Kid’s art is heating up with MOCHA summer camp and O.Y.A. workshops.

What’s hot this summer? Goblinarium has the scoop!  Brandy serves it up with sprinkles on top: Oakland’s Museum of Children’s Art has summer camp activities from June 15 – August 21, 2015. They include three awesome camps with Brandy: Art Mechanics: When science and art meet. Animate, Illustrate, Create: The basic fundamentals of cartooning, illustration

Hang out and Google Art Show Tour with the Goblin Keepers, on June 16.

Come one, come all!  Yes, even that sneaky goblin who stole Brandy’s favorite socks.   We’re having a fantasti-casual hang out, to celebrate our successes and give you a peek at more. June 16, 4-7 PM Google, 345 Spear Street, San Francisco Meet the Goblinarium team for snacks, stories, and socializing!  Bring kids or friends. At

Goblinarium app out now. Dragons on the loose – go play with them!

These dragons are too hot to handle, whether they breathe fire or just blow bubbles. June 1, 2015, in the Apple App Store:  “Goblinarium” is the first app from our studio,  Our creatures were on display for two months at Google in San Francisco, and now you can download them for free. Morti is

Liam from Hawaii loves his Goblin house!

Once in a while, we get the joy of sending a magical experience to a kid far away.  Here’s Liam’s Goblin House – “A kit to make a magical house for your favorite fairy, dragon or goblin:” Hi – thought you’d enjoy these photos of my 7 year old grandson and his delight with the

Goblins and Dragons invade Google!

Our art show went up!  It has four display cases full of Brandy’s sculpture, with paper pop-up style environments, ink drawings, and 3D objects.  It is super generous of Google to host us. Next is the app launch, and then… psst, top secret… a crowd fund to make a new app!