Meet Goblinarium’s cast of curious creatures

Charles is a very young Agon who lives with his mother. He’s adventurous, bright and inquisitive – to a fault! The world of Goblinarium has many curious creatures – Agons, Blins, and Outhers.  One by one, meet them in our interactive stories: Charles Clawson Scalenthorne III – the Problem Solver Imogene Clawson Scalenthorne – the wise

Discovering story mapping for apps

Yesterday we posted about using story maps to visually write a story. There was a bit of magic tricking in that post… we pretended it was a formal method, but we’ve never heard it described. It simply came to us through practical working. There was no effort to find it done by others. But man,

Story mapping: a powerful method to build great stories

Here’s a peek into our creativity. We’re using a special tool for story development, that you may not learn from verbally inclined teachers or pros. It’s a hand-drawn map-making exercise.  This is especially powerful for writers who work in animation and fantasy (and need to get beyond the mundane), think visually, or need inspiration to

Brandy’s art: making raku ceramics

Goblinarium’s creatures are made at Brandy’s ceramic studio. Recently, one of her art pieces sold on Etsy. (We’re happy for attention like that! Check out the Store.)  The buyer asked about what she does: Hi Brandy, I just bought your piece today. I’m so excited! I have a question about it. I watched a video about

Goblinarium bags!

  Check out our Goblinarium bags! We’ll be giving them out at Con-volution 2013 from November 1st – 3rd!

Goblins are multiplying in Brandy’s studio…

How do Oakland’s kids turn into philosophers? Blame dragons.

by Brandy Gardner Please help bring the power of art to the kids of Oakland! I want to tell you about the Museum of Children’s Art, and something they’re planning for September 16. But first…

Sassy Goblin, take me home!

Sassy goblin looking to be adopted! His name is Mortimer Heablin, or Mortiheab for short. Check him out on Etsy. Goblinarium just started an Etsy account today. We’re excited to start putting out hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind sculptures and limited editions of goblins and dragons. Mortimer is just the beginning (check prices again when we have more

Animation and VFX shop talk: SIGGRAPH 2013

Here’s news from Victor, studio helper for Goblinarium, who brings talent in developing, photography and art. He took a week off from working with us to attend SIGGRAPH, the world class computer graphics and art conference. (He’s a team member helping organize their local chapter.)  We stay closely in touch with what’s going on in

Goblinarium gets appreciation at GaymerX, and jury approval for Convolution

Positive inclusion, media buzz, and unprecedented crowds helped GaymerX succeed as the first gaming convention focused on LGBT themes. On August 3-4, all allies were invited to an “arms-open party for anyone who wants to join“. It drew attendance of over 2,000 to San Francisco’s Japantown, and founder Matt Conn told us it was “just