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Hang out and Google Art Show Tour with the Goblin Keepers, on June 16.

Come one, come all!  Yes, even that sneaky goblin who stole Brandy’s favorite socks.   We’re having a fantasti-casual hang out, to celebrate our successes and give you a peek at more. June 16, 4-7 PM Google, 345 Spear Street, San Francisco Meet the Goblinarium team for snacks, stories, and socializing!  Bring kids or friends. At

Goblins and Dragons invade Google!

Our art show went up!  It has four display cases full of Brandy’s sculpture, with paper pop-up style environments, ink drawings, and 3D objects.  It is super generous of Google to host us. Next is the app launch, and then… psst, top secret… a crowd fund to make a new app!

Google show news, Joel’s music, and more.

“It makes me want to dance!”  That’s what Brandy said.  One listen to Joel St. Julien’s demo music made the decision… we couldn’t imagine publishing without him. Our ad for a composer got tremendous response. Tons of talented musicians applied.  We narrowed them down to a dozen with the best skills.  6 were contacted, and